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About us

MyGiny- An Indian origin start up and part of a Indian Inc. registered with govt. of India under ministry of corporate affairs since 2013. “MyGiny” the name based on the concept of childhood story “The Magic Lamp of Alladin”. We at MyGiny promise to offer the same experience to each of our clients as if they have their own personal MyGiny to offer the host of variety of services. Each of the service is been rendered by extremely qualified corporate leader, comes with rich experience in respective field. A total 300+ yrs of combined rich experience in portfolios we serve…..


Business Operations Consulting- We are helping start ups or evolved corporates in designing and implementation of various corporate policies, processes, strategy and preparing business plans for brand launch, expansion in new geography, new product/service addition to existing portfolio etc. Expertise in Sales and Marketing, Go to Market, distribution and channel development and management, E-commerce strategy and plan, customer service ops etc.


Regulatory & Compliance- In a fast changing scenario and high growth development, comply with different regulatory and maintaining various compliance with accuracy and within time limit has become highly critical for all businesses to safeguard the organisation from high penalty and other repercussions. Our team manages it effectively and timely without bothering you much. We team undertake various kinds of ROC (Registrar of Company), Income Tax, SME compliances.


Taxation & Accounts- Maintaining company and Individual accounts as per the approved guidelines and formats by All India professional body  is a highly skilled activity which need through knowledge and deep understanding of various corporate laws. The scalability and profitability of any organisation depends on the accuracy of various taxation and accounting methods as per the prescribed guidlines. We provide various solutions to our clients depends on their need and best suited solutions and tools. We undertake accounts outsourcing by providing manpower or by offering inhouse accounting solutions.

Web Site & Mobile App:- Web presence is the first step toward creating brands, attracting business and developing trust of customers. Web presence is the fastest mode to market your product/services to the potential clients and break the geographical boundaries of growth. We partner with world’s leading technology giants like, Amazon, Google, Microsoft etc. for developing e-commerce, Dynamic, informative site for various industries.


Certificate and Licenses:- During the life span of an enterprise, one need various kind of certifications and licences and authorisation for the smooth functioning of business, growth and complying govt norms. We help our clients for getting all such certificates and licence by applying and presenting the case in various forums, govt and non govt institutions on behalf of the clients.


Web Marketing:- Almost 98% of the business search takes place over the internet on first instance and rest goes by references made by friends and family. Marketing is an essential tools and a regular exercise which develop a connect between customer need and business opportunity available. More your business is prominently placed and target the right audience better will be the conversion and optimizing the cost spend. We have many tools and a dedicated experiences team who manage this important aspect of business.


Bank Loans & General Insurance:-  Bank loans, credit limits has always been inseparable from the growth or starting a new business. Our team is well equipped with latest initiatives by govt to promote various sectors by offering numerous incentives in terms of bank loans and other products. Our financial consultants evaluate your business need and fund flows to guide you toward the right banking products. Your business is a lifeline for many so its necessary to insure and cover it with general insurance products.


Information Technology:- Technology changes  very fast and so the requirement to adopt in a quick effective way. Every innovation comes with various challenges and threats so do technology. We neither can run away nor risk the our business. So we believe to trust on world’s leading organisation in their respective domain to enable our clients to develop and implement various solutions like, Cyber security, Managed services, Cloud, Data centres, ICT etc. We are proudly relying on AWS, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Zoho corp. etc for the solution and implementation support.


Global Trade:- India is a global hub for manufacturing and service sectors and one of the fastest growing economy in world. If one is not having business footprint in India than its not Global. We are helping International clients to start their operations in India by working closely with them and helping them on various front like incorporation, compliance setup and in managing and starting Indian operations. “MyGiny- A one stop solutions for Enterprises.”


Exports:- We have a dedicated team working closely with Indian manufacturer to find new geography and market for their products and services. It involves the complete export cycle from transportation, freight and forwarding and clearing agent job. We have our deep connects with Indian manufacturer in some large exporting Industry like sports, textiles, chemical, and food items & spices etc. and ensure a win win transparent deal for both our Indian and Overseas clients for long terms associations.


KPO and IT Outsourcing:- Outsourcing a global process, lead generation, providing IT manpower on our payroll for various IT companies on different platform.

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