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Work from Home- Opportunity & Challenges

Every opportunity comes with equal quantum of threat follows the science of action vs reaction. #WFH is the same opportunity world see during covid19 and acceptance given to by most of the leaders and corporate. Systems, Infrastructures, Opex and capex planning for future of business viability and profitability almost everything is been going under complete overhaul...

Good sign for Industry in multiple ways. But as I said equal threat if not handled properly and the biggest will be in People mental health, Family relationship, Stress etc if WFH being abused....ultimately will impact the same 360 degree including dissatisfaction and lower productivity, unhappy employee.

So what will be the solution.. Human Resource role will now be more active and involved in day to day functioning of organization by way of helping and ensuring good employee health and stopping the opportunity abuse by managers. Laid some strict rules by way of logs monitoring and taking actions if someone breaches the rules and its all being monitored with tools reducing chances of bad employees mutual relationship and overcoming the act of complaint and acting proactive way.

Happy people around will only spread happiness and happy customers.

Peeyush Mathur


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